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Cat Palm


Cat Palm

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Sun Exposure: Sun or Shade

Description: The cat palm is a clustering palm with no trunk, but rather a dense clump of stems covered with feathery fronds. This palm grows 6 -8 feet in a rounded form. The cat palm is a slow growing plant that can tolerate sun or shade locations, but prefers shadier locations. Cat palms are often used in landscaping to create privacy in front of windows, hedges along fences/property lines, and as a tropical backdrop for smaller plants.

Maintenance & Care: The cat palm needs regular watering and prefer to be planted with a good amount of top soil to help the roots retain moisture. Cat palms need to be fertilized at least three times a year (spring, summer, and fall) or up to once a month if the palm is planted in a sunny location. Cat palms also require frequent watering, especially if planted in direct sunlight.