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Christmas Palm

Christmas Palm

In Stock: Christmas Palm Triple

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Description: Christmas palm is another name for Adonidia palm and is a tree that looks like a miniature royal palm, with a gray trunk, green shaft, and full fronds. Christmas palms can have single or multiple trunks, and can be planted in many locations because they will not grow to large or fast. Christmas palms make good focal points in tropical gardens and as a statement palm.

Maintenance & Care: Christmas palms perform best in full sun, but can tolerate partial shade. Too much shade causes the trunks to grow skinny and the fronds to think out. Christmas palms need to be fertilized with granular palm fertilizer three times a year (spring, summer, and fall). Christmas palms are self-cleaning, making them low maintenance. As fronds brown, let them drop of naturally to allow the palm to gain remaining nutrients from the dying fronds.