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Green Island Ficus

Green Island Ficus

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Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Description: Green Island Ficus is a shrub that is prized for its low-maintenance qualities and lush, green leaves. Green Island Ficus grows slowly and is easy to keep small and contained. This shrub is extremely versatile as it is able to grow is sun and part shade, and is one of the easiest shrubs to maintain. This shrub is incredibly salt-tolerant, making it a great plant for coastal areas. Green Island Ficus is often used in landscaping as an accent in a mixed bed, lining a driveway/walkway, and to create short to medium sized borders.

Maintenance & Care: Since Green Island Ficus is a slow grower, so it only needs to be trimmed occasionally for size and shaping. A regular watering schedule that allows for the plant to dry out between waterings is best for this shrub. Fertilizing isn’t a necessity, but a high-quality granular fertilizer is recommended 3 times a year (spring, summer, and fall).

Ficus 'Green Island'